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Here at Cressington Manor Nursery, we have chosen our own curriculum style which features many common threads from the early childhood theorists as outlined and which also links into our mission to put children at the heart of everything we do.



We use different strategies to interact with children which will develop and deepen the child’s thinking and understanding - careful modelling, explaining, exploring ideas, encouraging, and providing a narrative for what young children are doing. By valuing children as individuals and making them feel special, we are helping them to develop their self-confidence and resilience.




We carefully plan enabling environments with high quality resources which develop and ignite children’s imagination and their natural desire to learn through play and fun – this supports children’s confidence, independence, exploration, and communication, providing endless open-ended opportunities for learning where play is at the centre of everything.




We have a balance of adult led and child-initiated activities, with a clear focus on play-based learning grounded in practical first-hand experiences to support children’s learning through play and exploration. We work in partnership with parents and carers to understand their child’s interests, and tune into those interests by observing children’s play, planning challenging next steps based on what we already know the child can do, enjoys and wants to learn next.




We carefully plan tailored routines to provide a clear structure, outline and focus for the day so that children have a sense of understanding and belonging in their environment and in their relationships with children and familiar adults. This routine and repetition is further reinforced through children’s daily tasks and activities, and supports children to develop good habits, giving perspective to the day and creating a sense of order, well-being and calm.




We look for that moment of curiosity, puzzlement, effort or interest and consider what the adult can do here to make a difference by supporting the child with tasks that are just beyond their current capability so that they can build on this, plan appropriate next steps and further develop their learning.





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are welcoming, helpful, friendly, considerate, and thoughtful to others


work together to achieve things


willingly help and inspire others


recognise the value that each person brings

celebrate difference and value inclusion


take great pride in how we treat others


care about others’ feelings


look after our learning environments by taking care of our spaces and resources



Paper-boarder-3 Paper-boarder-3

enjoy what we do and being with each other


look for solutions and aim to take the best out of situations

we enjoy what we do and are enthusiastic in our approach and our interactions with others


have a love of learning and enjoy finding out new things


are willing to try new things


are genuinely interested and actively involved with others, our learning environment, and our activities


understand how important it is to be truthful


reflect this in all that we say and do


Our-VIsion- our-mission Our-Pedagogical-Approach-and-Curriculum-Principles our-values- Children-at-the-HEART-of-everything-we-do---Childcare-without-Compromise H-–-E-–-A-–-R-–-T High-quality-interactions---- Environments-–- Activities-- Routines--- Teachable-moments-– Teamwork---Supporting-others-

means we:


means we:


means we:


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means we:

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