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Ofsted, The Offices for Standards in Education, children's Services and Skills is a non-ministerial department of the UK government under the Education (Schools) Act 1992. The role of Ofsted is to inspect and regulate childcare facilities, such as schools and nurseries and ensure that we the childcare providers deliver the highest standards of childcare possible.


The inspectors examine the nursery, its facilities and the childcare provided by our childcare professionals. Ofsted come to our nursery with only half a day's notice. The reasoning for this is that they want to see our nursery as it actually is and not as the nursery may want to be seen, as it is both an independent and impartial inspection. After the inspection, Ofsted publishes a public report that contains information on the nursery's performance.

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During an Ofsted inspection, each aspect of the nursery will be graded using the four-point scale:


         Effectiveness of leadership and management  

         Quality of teaching, learning and assessment  

         Personal development, behaviour and welfare

         Outcomes for children


After each four-point areas have been inspected, Ofsted will make a graded judgement on the effectiveness of the early years provision and provide the nursery with an overall grade ranging from 1 to 4:


         Grade 1:  Outstanding

         Grade 2:  Good

         Grade 3 : Requires improvement

         Grade 4:  Inadequate




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We are very proud of our nursery team and our lovely Cressington Manor families for helping us achieve Oustanding in All areas in our latest inspection. Here are a few little snippets from our Ofsted report...


"The dedicated and well-qualified management team are deeply committed to providing children and their families with the very best early years provision".


"Staff provide an exciting range of highly stimulating activities which are superbly matched to children's abilities. This contributes significantly to children's exceptionally high levels of engagement, interest and infectious enthusiasm for learning.

Children develop extremely close relationships with their nurturing key person. Staff talk to children calmly and respectfully. They are always on hand to offer praise and encouragement. This markedly builds children's confidence and exceedingly high levels of self-esteem".


"Excellent partnerships with parents and a wide range of other professionals help to ensure children's individual needs are recognised quickly and are exceptionally well met".


"Staff are outstanding role models who provide a warm, welcoming environment in which children quickly settle and thrive".


"Children demonstrate the qualities of highly effective learners. They are exceptionally well prepared for their future learning and eventual move to school".

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