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Cressington Manor runs a Breakfast Club to take the pressure off parents who need an early start.


The Breakfast Club operates from:

8:00am to 8:45am, Monday - Friday.


Children can participate in fun activities and there is a choice of cereals, toast, fruit, yoghurt, milk and fresh juices.


After the fun of breakfast club Sudley Infant, Sudley Junior and St. Austin's Catholic school children will be escorted safely into school.


A great start to your child's day!


Our team will collect your child from school and walk them back to After School Club. We are open Monday - Friday until 6pm throughout term-time. Our After School Club provides a safe, fun, supportive and affordable environment at the end of the school day.


It offers a range of exciting group and individual activities and crafts including:    arts and craft activities, cooking, board games, consol games and foosball table. Children are also free to do their homework should they wish.


There is also outdoor play and large indoor spaces, all managed by trained and qualified staff members.


A selection of food and drinks are available for all children to enjoy.





We offer Holiday Clubs for children aged 4 - 11 years. Open every school holiday (except for one week over Christmas) from 8:00am - 6pm.


Offering a wide variety of planned activities and events throughout the day. The range of activities we provide are:


                Arts and craft activities


                Music making

                Drama activities

                Board Games

                Consol games

                Foosballl & Pool tables

                Outings (including Cinema  



Cressington Manor is the place to be throughout the school holidays!


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Kids Club is currently Only available at Aigburth Nursery.

We hope to have all Kids Clubs up and running at Fazakerley Nursery Very Soon!

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