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help your child to become familiar with his/her environment and feel safe and confident


develop a genuine bond with children and offers a settled, close  relationship




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talk to parents / carers to make sure the needs of the child are being met    appropriately


make sure that records of development and progress are shared with parents / carers and other professionals as necessary

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At Cressington Manor we have adopted the government approved key person system.  As we recognise every child's individuality, efforts and achievements and believe that relationships between adults and children are crucial for the child's happiness and security.


The key person system enables us to assign an individual practitioner or key person to your child and your family to support with all of their needs and development whilst attending Cressington Manor. Your child’s key person will build trusting and respectful relationships with your child to allow them to grow in confidence and thrive in their surroundings.


Your key person will have daily contact with your child, offering focused activities to support them in their individual development. They will observe your child and monitor their engagement and interest during small group activities as well as during free play times. Your key person is responsible for planning these activities and recording their observations. We will discuss with you what fun your child has had during their day, their progress and give you ideas on how to help them at home as well.

The role of the key person is to keep up to date with your child’s daily activities and their learning and development. Your key person will do this by using observation sheets, updating your child’s personal development records and individual planning, then sharing the information with you. Your key person has a responsibility to your child, you, and to the setting in terms of observing and keeping records.


Your key person will:


To find out more about your child's daily routine or learn a few helpful tips on preparing to start nursery and what to bring please download our 'Parent & Carer Information Pack' below.

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Key person